This lab report is fuckin stupid

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"if u cheat once and ya girl leave u for good ya stroke weak cause good dick have a bitch forgettin what she deserve in life"

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kngshxt solarsenpai

she dead flafluflafluflagenfla

"Please sir, no photos in the office
awwww-cute flafluflafluflagenfla
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you are under arrest for being tall.  get down here.  what are you doing

who said that

im down here

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nayx spooksanspices

duolingo // learn languages for free
rhymezone // type in a word and find words that rhyme
onelook // reverse dictionary
hemingwayapp // check your essay for readability
thesaurus // find synonyms, antonyms and more
planetebook & gutenberg // free ebooks
coursera // free online courses
realtimeboard // a virtual pinboard
pianotte & imslp // free piano sheet music
tunefind // find songs used in movies and tv shows
tothebestof // listen to the top 10 songs of any band or musical artist
omgcatz // download 8tracks playlists
tags.goose // mass tumblr tag replacer
colorpicker // helps you choose #hex colours
wordmark // helps you decide on fonts from your computer
iemoji // copy+paste tool for ios emojis on browsers
simpledesktops & subtlepatterns // simple desktop backgrounds
fount // identify fonts on websites
dafont & googlefonts // places to find lots of fonts
wigflip // pixel speech bubble generator
myfridgefood // check what stuff you have in your fridge and get some recipe ideas
roadtrippers // tool to plan a roadtrip across america
recitethis // turn a quote into a masterpiece
letterboxd // organize the movies you’ve watched, loved and plan on watching
soundrown // listen to various calming sounds
crimical spooksanspices
To grow it out more or shave it. That is the question









its pretty neat how high my alch tolerence is it must be because im tough

Nah, you just depressed and the bottle can’t help you achieve your life dreams no matter how much you drink, yet you still do to get rid of the pain that comes from…

you dont know anything about my life you stupidass nerd “official naruto ruler of black tumblr” 

To deny your shadow is to deny your true self.

You’re depressed and lonely, you’ve been ostracized by the world from a young age and you want to repay it back by being an asshole to others yet you are too weak and scared to completely become truly unattached to them.

Because deep down inside you still care what they think of you, and it eats away at your mind to still give them any control over you.

They’ll never accept you and you hold a bottle to your lips to come to terms with the realization that your life is infinitesimally minute in the grand scheme of things, especially the ones you love.

That’s why you’re an alchy! ❤

This psychoanalysis is free of charge.

iv been drunk like 3 times retard fuck off 

Yes, we get it, everyone knows you’re a piece of shit already.

But why have you been drunk only 3 times?

What pain were you trying to wash from your memory?

Who hurt you?

you realize how fucking stupid you look with your naruto character profile picture and “senpai” in your url and your “naruto ruler of black tumblr” title? but i guess since all youre followers are retards it doesnt matter cuz nobody notices how stupid you look on the net i could reblog this and youl respond a million times because you think if im the one with the last response it means you got “roasted”

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